Tuna Purse Seine Project Brief Introduction

Tunny is an ocean migratory fishes which are having feature of high speedy with long route and a wide range. The tuna fish are broadly spread on the high sea of Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Ocean as well as within the EEZ of the Island country in each ocean area. The leading variety are Skipjack, Yellowfin tuna, Bigeye tuna, Thunnus tonggol and Albacore, etc. Its meat quality is delicious and nutrient-rich. The market prospect is large which can be produce Sashimi and Canned products.

The tuna fishery is a technology-intensive industry. In addition to the characters of big factory trawler vessels catching operation, its highly integrated by vessel, engine, fishing gear and technology plus fishing ground and tuna movement, communication and searching. Its the representative of modern fishing technology at present. Meanwhile, it possesses obvious characteristic both in market logistic and cold storage. The tuna fish is subject to the variety of high economic value which having special significance in fishing operation and fishery management.

Qingdao QDF Fishery(Group) Co.Ltd is a leading enterprise holding by Shandong Xinfa Fishery Group Co.Ltd in fish catching industry and processing industry. The subordinate subsidiaries such as Qingdao Ocean Fishery Corporation big trawler fleet, BaoXiang Shipping Company and Tuna Purse Seiner Project are combined fish catching, processing and production with refrigeratedtransportation into integral whole. The company has formed an industry chain of high-efficiencyprocessing line and logistic transportation and also in cooperation with sister company LanRun Group where are the tuna processing basement of the Holding Company which having the capacity of average harvest 30,000Ts, annual processing amount 60,000Ts, the main series production about 30,000Ts like as tuna can, fish fillet, fish steak and sashimi, etc.

In accordance with the consideration of the comprehensive market and long term enterprise development, the Group Company has plotted to purchase 2 new American purse seine vessels with the helicopters assistant for catching from Tri-Marine Company so that companys production could satisfy the high-end and heavy demand of tuna production for the international and domestic while in promoting diversity development space and fully exploit the Ocean Fishery Industry.